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Bonjour! I am Céline, your French teacher


Passionate about the French language, I founded this company to give the students the opportunity to discover and succeed at this beautiful language. 

Featured French Classes

A0 Complete Beginner 


Complete Beginner

This course is designed for beginners wanting to study French from scratch.  The idea is to build up a solid foundation in order to express yourself in basic and common situations.

B1 / B2 Intermediate

B1 / B2 


This course is for students who feel comfortable in French but who wish to achieve greater fluency and have a more varied vocabulary. Students will engage themselves in in-depth discussions on current issues to explain viewpoints, defend opinions and negotiate. 

A1 / A2  Beginner 

A1 / A2


This level is for students with some experience in French. Students will develop new vocabulary, improve their listening and speaking skills, and polish their grammar.

Conversation Classes


You don’t want to sound like a textbook? Do you want to gain more confidence at speaking French? Then, this course is perfect for you! In this course, you’ll learn French as it’s actually spoken by real people, in various real-life contextes.



Cathy, M. 

Céline is an awesome teacher!

I was a total beginner and Céline helped me to pass the Delf A1 exam with success. Céline makes the whole learning experience much easier and full of fun! Her lessons are carefully planned and she is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about teaching.

Highly recommended! 

Chris, C. 

I am so glad and grateful that I found Céline. I decided to learn French because I am moving to France next year. With Céline, I made such an improvement in French, especially speaking. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed and I consider her as my French friend!

She is full of positive vibes and will support you with patience and kindness because she truly understands what it takes to learn a second language. Wonderful lessons! 


Vicky, L.

Céline is so lovely, friendly and very patient. I needed to learn French for my job and since I have been working with Céline, I have gained so much more confidence and fluency in French. Her lessons are individualized to help you with exactly what you need. I highly recommend Céline to anyone looking to learn French. She is an excellent teacher, very patient, polite and funny!