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I am Céline, your French teacher

French native who loves travelling and learning languages.

I offer tailored-lessons to all levels.

Passionate about the French language,  I founded this company to give the students the opportunity to discover and succeed at this beautiful language. 

As a child, I grew up in France in a multicultural environment. French being one of my mother tongues, has always been my favorite. Passionate about the French language, I started a Bachelor's degree in French language and literature with the idea of becoming a French teacher. Then, I wanted to deepen my knowledge in French so I decided to pursue a Master's degree in French literature. After my studies, I taught 3 years at a prestigious university in Canada before switching my focus to offering private lessons.  I immediately liked the opportunity to get to know each student better and to be able to create personalized lessons. After 10 years of teaching French, I founded this company to share my passion for my native language with students from all around the world. 

As a language lover, I have learned many languages such as Korean, English and Spanish. So I truly understand the challenges when learning a new language. My approach aims at optimizing learning through programs tailored to the learners. I love reinventing my teaching skills for each class based on my students’ needs and expectations. During my teaching, I found that the best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself into the language and culture. Being part of our program will give you the opportunity to become part of an exclusive learners' community where you can meet other students, share your questions, discoveries and learn from each other. Make sure to be part of this amazing and growing community and join my online course; You will not regret it. 

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