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A0 Complete Beginner Group


  • 1 h 30 min
  • USD $136: 5 sessions
  • Online

Service Description

**Enjoy LIMITED TIME 10% OFF** ♡Important information♡ -4 to 6 Students meet once a week on Zoom -Total length of the program is 10 weeks -The cost for 5 sessions is USD $136 for 5 sessions (You pay every 5 sessions) ♡Featuring♡ -10 sessions of 1.5 hour class -Small Group and interactive sessions (4-6 students) -Support and Coaching -Homework with correction -Exclusive access to our learners' community (on Whatsapp) -Unlimited emails -Customized to your needs ♡Description of the course♡ This course is designed for students who are completely new to French. This course will help you to build up a solid foundation in order to express yourself in basic and common situations. Students will learn basic verbs and grammar skills, develop their vocabulary, write short passages and communicate in daily life situations. (Please refer to "our program" section for more details) ♡On the program♡ -Basic Greetings -Introducing Yourself and Asking about Basic Information -Definite and Indefinite Articles -Numbers (from 1 to 1 million) -Nationalities and Countries -Talking about your Family -Possessive Adjectives (mon, ton, son etc...) -Professions -Saying Dates (Days of the week, Months) -Adjectives & Physical Description -Present tense ("Er", "Ir", "Re" Regular verbs & Basic Irregular verbs) -Talking about Clothing -Talking about Weather -Talking about Hobbies (Jouer & Faire) -Talking about Food & Ordering at a restaurant -Places in the City & Making Purchases -Basic Pronunciation (Consonant, Vowel, and Semi-vowel sounds)

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