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B1 Intermediate Group Sessions

Join Term 2 in February!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • USD$136: 5 sessions
  • Online

Service Description

**ENJOY LIMITED TIME 10% OFF** -For Group A, this course starts on January 11th and ends on April 5th. Classes take place on Wednesdays at 10am PST (Join Term 2 on Feb 15th : 1 SEAT LEFT) ♡Important information♡ -Students meet once a week on Zoom -Total length of the program is 13 weeks -The cost for 5 sessions is USD $136 for 5 sessions (You pay every 5 sessions) ♡Featuring♡ -13 sessions of 1.5 hour class -Small Group and interactive sessions (4-6 students) -Support and Coaching -Homework with correction -Exclusive access to our learners' community (on Whatsapp) -Unlimited emails -Customized to your needs ♡Description of the course♡ This course is designed for students who have completed the beginner level and wish to attain a greater degree of fluency and independence. Students will learn a wide range of vocabulary, advanced grammar and build more complex sentences which will allow them to engage themselves in conversations with current affair topics. Students will engage themselves in in-depth discussions on current issues and topics of their interest to explain viewpoints, defend opinions and negotiate. (Please refer to "our program" section for more details) ♡TOPICS COVERED♡ -Le Voyage, Les Régions de la France & La Francophonie -Vivre Ensemble (Les Valeurs de la Société, Le Bénévolat) -Les Médias & La Presse -Les Etudes & La Vie Professionnelle -La Santé, Le Bien-être & Les Maladies -La Technologie Moderne -Les Enjeux Environnementaux -L'Argot, Le Verlan & le Français Parlé -La Prononciation & Les Sons Difficiles en Français -Le Conditionnel Passé, Le Plus que Parfait & Les Constructions avec “Si” -La Révision des Temps de l'Indicatif -Le Subjonctif Présent -Les Connecteurs Logiques

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